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Welcome to the Library Network of University of Peradeniya. Since our modest beginnings in 1921 as the Library of the Ceylon University College, we have undergone several identity changes as our history denotes, and at present consist of the Main Library which is the nucleus of the network as well as the library for the Faculty of Arts and seven other branch libraries  serving the Faculties of Agriculture, Allied Health Sciences, Dental Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Science and Veterinary Medicine and a branch library of the Mahailuppallama Centre of the Faculty of Agriculture.

Beginning from 1952, we serve as one of four sites in the country (and the only site out of Colombo) to maintain the legal deposit copies of the national publications under the Printers and Publishers Ordinance, enacted in 1886 and revised in 1952. In addition we have many priceless bequests including the collections of Late Arunachalam Padmanabha, Lesley de Saram, Henry de Mel, Prof. D.J.Kalupahana and many others as well as the second largest ola-leaf manuscript collection in the country.

At present the cumulative book stock well exceeds one million and many initiatives are underway to strengthen the access to electronic resources by our users. The staff of the Library Network combines highly traditional as well as modern technology based roles in serving the teaching, learning and research needs of the university community with the vision to be a national leader in the development and provision of information services for the higher education and research.

Visitors to our site are warmly welcomed to explore and learn more about our resources, facilities and services.


Dr. (Mrs.) P. Wijetunge

University of Peradeniya

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