Rules and Regulations

  • Readers must produce their University Identity Card (UID) at the security check point at the entrance of the library. Readers who fail to do so are not allowed to enter the library.
  • Visitors to the library are requested to meet the Senior Assistant Librarian with appropriate identification in order to obtain permission to use the library.
  • Personal belongings (Bags, cases, parcels, mobile phones, personal copies of books & printed materials, file covers and plastic folders, umbrellas, food and drinks including bottles of water, jackets and caps, cameras etc..) are NOT allowed inside the library. In case of doubt the users may contact the Senior Asst. Librarian.
  • Smoking, use of matches or an open flame, and consuming food and beverages are strictly forbidden in the library.
  • All library materials taken out of the library must be date-stamped at the library counter before being taken out. Such date –stamped materials should not be brought in to the library except for returning.
  • Readers must produce their belongings such as notes and library materials for inspection by the Security Officers when entering and leaving the library.
  • Removing library material without authorization (Pilfering) is a punishable offense and strict disciplinary action (including a fine) will be taken in such cases.
  • Group discussions or noisy behavior which can disturb or inconvenience other readers are not allowed in the library.
  • Seats in the library may not be reserved or removed from the usual places by the readers.