Periodicals and Journals, an Information Source on current research findings in all knowledge fields a must for the academia to foster teaching and further research and for the students an indispensable learning tool, were collected by the first university since its establishment in 1942. Since its move to Peradeniya, the wealth of periodicals and journals increased rapidly with the opening of new faculties and the intake of students. As Learning, Teaching and Research developed, so did this particular library collection.

This Guide covers approximately 1279 retrospective periodical titles collected from 1942 up to 2006, almost all in the area of Social Sciences and Humanities stored on the fifth floor in the Main Library, University of Peradeniya.

Objectives of the Guide

To develop awareness among the academics and researchers on the availability of the retrospective periodical collection in the Main Library.

To achieve the above, data capture and compile a Guide on the retrospective periodical collection which could be used to retrieve information easily by the academia and researchers.

To provide inter-library-loan facilities through photocopies etc. on payment to any person who is interested in obtaining information on the retrospective periodical collection.

Format of the Guide

For easy retrieval of information on any periodical in the retrospective collection, the Publication has provided two main access points namely through SUBJECT and ALPHABETICAL order.

Section I: SUBJECT (Class) Access

We have used the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system to provide Subject Access to the retrospective periodical collection. For example, under General (class number 050), all relevant periodical titles are listed according to alphabetical order and so on.

Section II: ALPHABETICAL (Title) Access

For the convenience of the users who are aware of the periodical they seek, the Section II provides an arrangement of all retrospective periodical titles by alphabetical order.

Information on individual periodical titles

In Section I the following information is given:

 Name of the Periodical Title:

e.g.: American Scholar

Year from which the issues of the periodical start:

  e.g.: 1953

 Gaps (any missing issues during the said period):

e.g.: 1974-1977,1980, 1986-1987

 Year on which the issues of the periodical end:

e.g.: 1991

  and in Section II the following information is given:

 Name of the Periodical Title

e.g. American Scholor

Class Number which indicates the Subject area as well as the location.

e.g. 050

Our Appreciation

To Prof. Harischandra Abegunawardane, Vice Chancellor and the Publication Committee for approving the funds.

To Damayanthi Weerasekera Senior Staff Assistant and D.V. Kamani, Staff Assistant, Periodical Division who assisted in collecting data and formatting.

To Anuruddha Adikari, Systems Analyst for assisting in designing the cover page.

To Pushpa Elkaduwa, Senior Assistant Registrar / Library Services for liaising with the printing work.

To Sunil Premaratne, Periodicals Librarian for his tireless efforts to bring out this publication.

 5. This guide is the Number 13 of University of Peradeniya Library Publications.

Harrison Perera MBE


University of Peradeniya.

September 2008