Document Delivery Service

The University of Peradeniya Library has now established a Centralized Document Delivery Service through email aiming o fulfill the information needs of our academics, students and researchers.

Document Delivery Service (DDC) will be coordinated through the Reference and Information Service Desk (RISD) of the Main Library.

You can request Scholarly articles from us through our Document Information Service Desk (RISD)

  1. Supplement the already provided databases by the UGC.
  2. Supplement the already provided databases by the University of Peradeniya.
  3. Open source articles through open source databases.

Now you can request Scholarly articles from us through our Document Delivery Service (DDS) provided by Reference and Information Services Desk

  1. Through Centralized Document Delivery service through the British Library Document Supply Service (BLDSS), with funding from the UGC, Sri Lanka. The objective is to fulfill the scholarly literature needs of Sri Lankan Academics. This service is coordinated by the Library of University of Colombo and caters to academics of the fifteen state universities functioning under the UGC.
  2. Through external sources, International collaborators and associates (subscribed by them).

Requesting options and delivery options:

Requestors are given 2 additional requesting options

  1. E-mail with a dedicated E-mail address (
  2. Article request form that could be submitted to the Reference and Information Services desk.
  3. The softcopy of the article will be delivered to the requestor only through e mail.

Create awareness among the academics and students in your Faculty and Departments in order to take maximum utilization of the service.

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