Leslie De Saram Collection. One of the initial benefactions which contains 1384 Rare items on Social Sciences and Humanities gifted by late Mr. Leslie F. de Saram.

Henry de Mel Collection. Includes 329 rare items mostly on Sri Lankan History gifted by late Rev. Lakdasa De Mel in order to strengthen the library collection during its early stage.

D.R.Wijewardane Collection. This collection of rare materials on Indology and Sri   Lanka, containing two separate collections namely the Ferguson Collection and W.A. de Silva Collection bequeathed  by Mr. D.R.Wijewadena.

Richard Abeysekara Collection. 135 rare items donated by late Mr. Richard Abeysekara during 1964 – 65.

Prof. M.D. Rathnasooriya  Collection.   includes 215 items specially on Sinhalese Language and Literature gifted by late Prof. M.D Rathnasooriya attached to the Department of Sinhala , University of Peradeniya.

Hettiarachchi  Collection.  This is the largest bequest with 11,776 items. Mostly rare materials and hand written manuscripts on Sri Lanka bequeathed By late Mohandiram  D.E.P. Hettiarachchi.

W.A. de Silva Collection.  Includes 1289 rare items gifted by Mr. D.R.Wijewardane To the Library during its inception.

R.Sri Padmanadan Collection  - Mostly on Western Classics and English Literature,  Contains 1300 items gifted by late  Mr. Sri Padmanadan, an academic staff member attached to Department of Western Classics, University of Peradeniya.

D.J.Kalupahana Collection. This is a collection on  Philosophy  & Psychology particularly on Buddhist  Philosophy with 1541 items, gifted by Prof. David Jinadasa Kalupahana attached to the Department of Philosophy, University of Peradeniya.

Ian Goonetilake Collection.  Collection of  4366 items on Social Sciences & Humanities. It contains artifact collection as well; gifted by the benefactor. Late Mr.Henry Alfred Ian Goonetilake was one of the former Librarians University of  Peradeniya (1971 – 1979).

Palm – Leaf Manuscript Collection.  The Library possesses the second largest Collection of  Palm – Leaf Manuscripts  (Ola – leaf) in the country. The collection Contains over 5000 items. Largest  collection available in a University Library. A User guide is available in the form of a catalogue initiated by Mr. K.D. Somadasa.

Mask Collection.  Includes 55 Masks which are used in Kōlam (a form of Folk Drama practiced in Sri Lanka). The collection was purchased by Dr. Ediriweera R. Sarathchandra for the preparation of the publication of “Sinhalese Folk Play” and in 1980 the collection was gifted to the Main Library for display.

Upali Jayathilaka  Law  Collection.  This collection is the latest addition to the Library with 870 items gifted by Mr. Upali  Jayathilaka during the establishment  of the Law Collection in the Library in 2008.

Paintings Collection.  A set of 25 drawings of scenes in Trincomalee and a set of 6 scenes in an around Kandy  painted by Lieut. W.Lyttleton done in water colours dated 1819 and 1825. These are hung in various locations in the Main Library.

All these collections may be consulted with prior arrangement with the Librarian.