About IQAC

The Quality Assurance of the Library (IQAC), University of Peradeniya(UoP) was established in January, 2021 in accordance with the guidelines given by the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) of the University of Peradeniya. IQAC has a broad mandate of coordinating all the activities related to quality assurance within the Main Library and the Branch libraries in liaison with the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) of the University Peradeniya.

Quality Assurance (QA) in higher education is the process by which university academic programmes are assessed and evaluated against specific criteria. The Library plays a major role in Quality assurance mechanism.

The fundamental aim of the CQA is to implement comprehensive plans, mechanisms and systems to monitor and evaluate the quality of provision of all services and activities of the UOP. IQAC strives to contribute for the success of the CQA aims and objectives.

Objectives of the IQAC

  • To promote a quality assurance culture within the University Library.
  • Liaise with the CQA of the UOP to share good practices and enhance internal quality assurance of the University Library
  • To ensure good practices for quality assurance within the institution with an enhanced governance and management.
  • To serve as an implementing arm of the management in monitoring and evaluating development activities within the University Library.
  • To serve as a strategic platform for the overall development efforts of the university library.
  • Develop, maintain and enhance quality of education and service in favor of the university through consistent quality assurance practices and performance.

Duties and Responsibilities of the QA committee

  • Promote quality enhancement activities of the University Library.
  • Collect and Prepare documents necessary for Institutional Reviews/Programme reviews.
  • Facilitate implementation of follow-up actions recommended in Institutional monitor progress in their implementation.
  • Liaise with branch libraries to share good practices and enhance the quality of services to the Library User community.
  • Devise and suggest additional QA measures or changes to the existing measures, based on the data collected on various QA indicators such as external reviews.

Duties and Responsibilities of the coordinator of the IQAC

  • Liaise with the Director, Center for Quality Assurance (CQA) , Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU) of the University to coordinate university level Quality Assurance (QA) activities.
  • Represent the Library QA related activities.
  • Organize Library QA meetings/ awareness programmes.
  • Collect the evidence documents to the Institutional review process of the UoP
  • Work with other related committees on matters related to QA.
  • Report the activities of the IQAC to the CQA & IQAU regularly.
  • Assist to the Institutional Review and Programme review of the University.

Members of the IQAC

01 Mr. R. Maheshwaran - Librarian
02 Mr. B.N.G.S. Premarathne - Coordinator ( Senior Assistant Librarian – Acquisition Division)
03 Ms. K. Dambawinna - Senior Assistant Librarian – Medical Library
04 Dr. Ms. C.N.K. Alahakoon - Senior Assistant Librarian – Cataloguing Division
05 Ms. K. Dehigama - Senior Assistant Librarian – Allied Health Sciences library
06 K.P.N.D. Pieris - Senior Assistant Librarian – Engineering library
07 Dr. Ms. P.C.De. S. Gunasekara - Senior Assistant Librarian – Periodical Division
08 Ms. H.N.K. Dissanayake- Senior Assistant librarian- Agriculture Library
09 Mr. W.G.A. Dharmarathne- Senior Assistant Librarian – Reader Services Division
10 Dr. (Ms) B.M.M.C.B. Hindagolla- Senior Assistant Librarian – Science library
11 Ms. W.H.D.K. Abeyrathne - Senior Assistant Librarian –Dental Library
12 Ms. S. Weerasinghe Senior Assistant Librarian - Veterinary Medicine Library
13 Ms. Ayesha Senarathne - Assistant Registrar/ Library Services
14 Mr. A.B. Adikari -System Analyst/Library
15 Ms. N. S. Somarathne - Staff Assistant


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